tgf environmental policy

The Green Factory Environmental Policy


Put simply: We practise what we preach.

The Green Factory recognise that the activities required to deliver our services have both a direct and indirect impact on the environment. The Green Factory mission as a sustainability consultancy is to provide high quality services incorporating social and environmental factors into business decisions.

We take the following sequential approach to minimise our environmental footprint:

  1. Conservation – first minimise the potential consumption of resources by doing just what is required to get the job done
  2. Buy Green – buy only renewable energy and other low-impact resources where available
  3. Efficiency – use what resources we do need in the most efficient manner possible, including using the best equipment
  4. Offset – what impact we cannot avoid should be offset, primarily with accredited carbon or other environmental offset initiatives
  5. Reuse and recycle – whatever is no longer of use should be donated, reused, recycled or up-cycled wherever possible

To achieve our goals we take the following initiatives:

Energy and Water
Only use 100% renewable energy (electricity only, as no gas is required)
Maximise the use of natural ventilation and day light to minimise the consumption of energy
Our light and bright office only requires artificial lighting on the darkest days and as the sun sets early on winter nights
All equipment in the office, including IT systems, are the most energy efficient available
Track energy and associated emissions from general business operations
Use only efficient lighting where required (LED/T5 luminaires)
Avoid the use of equipment standby mode – lights and electrical equipment are simply switched off when not in use
Utilise NABERS Office rating tools and protocols to track, report and benchmark performance

Materials and Waste
Reuse excess packaging and plastic bags when not needed
Reusing when possible or recycling products correctly
Rethink about what to buy, trying to repair equipment rather than buy something new
Evaluate the environmental impact of new products based on their life cycle
Donate or sell unwanted products
Choose only environmentally-benign and certified cleaning products and refillable containers
Only print what is absolutely necessary
All printing is done on 100% recycled paper, whether in house or outsourced
Used print cartridges are either sent for recycling or refilled/reused
Use local materials and products when available to reduce CO2 and benefit our local communities

All team members ride or catch public transport to work
Bicycle racks are conveniently and securely located inside the office
Reduce need for business travel by promoting emails, phone or video conferences
We do not have a company car fleet and only where necessary do we use private vehicles to visit sites or attend meetings where outside the CBD

We strive for continuous improvement and monitoring of environmental performance by reviewing our Environmental Policy annually. The adherence of this policy is the responsibility of The Green Factory. We also provide support and training to our team members to reduce their own personal environmental impact.

For more information contact us at [email protected].

Updated 10 May 2013