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ESD Design and Engineering

The technical tools for improving building design and operation.

  • Energy modelling for energy prediction and risk assessments
  • Thermal comfort modelling and optimisation
  • Net Zero Building Design
  • Passive building design and design optimisation
  • CFD simulations
  • Daylight and shading modelling
  • Façade / building envelope design analysis and performance optimisation
  • Building services analysis and performance optimisation
  • Renewable and micro-generation system consulting and modelling including solar, wind, geothermal, thermal storage, Co-gen simulations and Tri-gen
  • Technical guidance and specification of
    HVAC, including heat recovery systems, active-mass, geo-thermal

Regulatory Compliance

Design assessments and optimisation for compliance with building codes, local council or other regulatory requirements.

  • NCC BCA Volume One Section J compliance including JV1, JV2, JV3 (commercial, industrial, etc)
  • NCC BCA Volume Two Parts 2.6 and 3.12 incl. FirstRate5 Energy Ratings (NatHERS(residential dwelling energy efficiency compliance) 
  • Council Town Planning ESD reports e.g. SMP or SDA using BESS, STORM / MUSIC as required by many Victorian councils (ref SDAPP), BASIX in NSW
  • Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) including BEEC (NABERS and TLA)

New Building Assessments and Ratings

Design and project consulting to achieve sustainability ratings for new buildings or projects.

Existing Building Assessments, Ratings and Optimisation

Sustainability assessment and rating certifications for existing buildings.

  • Climate Active Carbon Neutral Certification for Buildings
  • NABERS Ratings
  • BEEC assessments – Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD)
  • Green Star Performance Tool
  • Building energy efficiency upgrades
  • Energy audits and reviews
  • Energy management
  • Building tuning and optimisation


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Sustainability Consulting

The Green Factory also offers a range of strategic sustainability consulting services for the built environment and related sectors, including:

  • Sustainability and ESD strategic analysis and advisory
  • Technical input and review of environmental sustainability policy development
  • Net Zero Energy and/or Carbon analysis and advisory
  • Peer review of building design, documentation and submissions
  • Contractor and supplier training and advice
  • Material / product sustainability review and guidance
  • Advice related to green building funding and applications
  • Project and technical feasibility studies
  • ESD and sustainability risk assessments

''The Green Factory has the expertise and experience across the range of technical ESD services''

What does that mean for my project?

Popular services for popular projects:

New Commercial Building

The Green Factory offers the complete range of technical services for maximising the potential of your project.

  • NCC BCA Section J compliance including JV1, JV2, JV3 Verification Methods (Performance Solutions)
  • Green Star ratings consulting, reports and submissions
  • LEED ratings consulting, reports and submissions
  • WELL Building Standard
  • Living Building Challenge (LBC)
  • Energy modelling for energy prediction, design optimisation and risk assessments
  • Passive building design
  • Design for Net Zero Energy and/or Carbon
  • Healthy building design (IEQ)
  • Council Town Planning ESD reports (e.g. Sustainability Management Plan (SMP) using BESS (ref SDAPP))
  • Renewable and micro-generation systems including solar, wind, geothermal, Co-gen and Tri-gen
  • NABERS Rating risk assessment
  • NABERS Commitment Agreement
  • CFD simulations

Existing Commercial Building

There is great performance potential to be unlocked in existing buildings. The Green Factory assists clients with existing buildings (owners and managers) assess building operational performance and identify improvement opportunities.

  • Climate Active Carbon Neutral Certification for Buildings
  • NABERS Ratings
  • BEEC assessments – Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD)
  • Green Star Performance Tool
  • Building energy efficiency upgrades
  • Energy audits
  • Energy management
  • Building tuning and optimisation
  • Energy modelling for assessing improvement opportunities
  • Retrofit guidance
  • Feasibility studies

Residential Project

The Green Factory offers a range of services from simple BCA NatHERS compliance (“House Energy Rating”), all the way to Passive House certification or energy independence.

However far you want to push sustainability in your project, we can help you get there.

  • BCA compliance including NatHERS (“House Energy Ratings” using FirstRate5, BERS Pro or AccuRate)
  • How many stars? 6,7,8,9,10 Star Energy Rating?
  • Passive building design and design optimisation
  • Council Town Planning ESD reports
    (e.g. Sustainable Design Assessment (SDA) or Sustainability Management Plan (SMP) using BESS, STORM / MUSIC (previously STEPS) (ref SDAPP)
  • Micro-generation including solar and co-generation
  • Passive House (Passiv Haus) design and certification
  • NABERS Home
  • Seeking energy self-sufficiency (grid independence)
  • Technical guidance and specification of HVAC, heat recovery systems, geo-thermal
  • Energy modelling (the serious version)
  • New construction, renovation, extension or refurbishment

A little more about specific services

Sustainability ratings serve as valuable “quality assurance” mechanisms for building owners/tenants, project teams, and the community more broadly.

A Certified Rating provides a level of quality assurance in relation to the environmental claims and potential performance of the building. This is critical in a market where sometimes ‘optimistic’ claims are made about the environmental performance (energy and water efficiency in particular) of buildings.

The Green Factory team have extensive experience at achieving industry leading Green Star Ratings across numerous rating tools. The Green Factory ensures seamless integration and coordination of the project team and ESD requirements, beginning at the early project concept design phase all the way through to certified rating.

Green Star is administered by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) (www.gbca.org.au)

The Green Factory has a detailed understanding of National Construction Code (NCC) BCA (Building Code of Australia) Energy Efficiency Provisions for commercial buildings (Section J) and residential buildings (Part 2.6).

The Green Factory can assist in both Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) and Alternative Verification (e.g. Performance Solution) compliance methods for all building types. The Green Factory are expert at providing the highest standard of Building Energy simulations as required for BCA Section J JV1, JV2 and JV3 compliance.

The Green Factory team is capable of providing the compete range of NABERS Ratings for a variety of building types. NABERS Ratings provide a robust and meaningful benchmark by which to assess and compare building performance with regards to Energy, Water, Waste and Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ).

It is important to recognise that the NABERS Energy (performance) Rating is used with a BEEC (Building Energy Efficiency Certificate) which forms the basis of the Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) reporting requirements, phase 1 of which commenced 1 November 2010 (“mandatory disclosure of energy efficiency). The Green Factory can assist with any NABERS or BEEC assessment, detailed analysis, and building tuning or optimisation required. Please refer to our NABERS and CBD Fact Sheets or contact us for further information.

NABERS is administered by the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (previously NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water, then NSW Department of Environment and Heritage) (www.nabers.gov.au)

Understanding and improving the performance of existing buildings is crucially important. There are so many factors which influence the overall performance of a building – from control systems to weather, maintenance to user behaviour. To get the best out a building of any type, it is important all factors are considered and optimised.

Our services for existing buildings are designed quite simply to improve buildings. Improve the operational efficiency; improve internal conditions, improve NABERS Ratings, reduce operating costs, increase asset values.

We know what matters to building owners, managers and users – so get in touch and let’s get started!

Building Energy Simulation is an advanced method to calculate or predict the energy consumption of a particular building over a given period of time (e.g. annual). A 3D model is generated with actual building materials, geometry, orientation, internal heat gains (lighting, equipment, people etc) and HVAC systems. This information, along with an annual climate file containing hourly weather data is simulated to calculate the energy consumption and predict internal conditions.

Building Energy and Thermal Comfort Simulation is a powerful tool to assess various design and retrofit options, as well as the effect of occupant behaviour and building control strategies. It is used to predict NABERS Energy Ratings during design, for BCA alternative verification compliance (JV1/JV2/JV3), and to calculate the ROI of various energy efficiency initiatives. Building Energy Simulation is also used for calculation of points in Green Star credits such as Energy (Greenhouse Gas Emissions) and Thermal Comfort (IEQ).

The Green Factory uses the latest tools and methods to perform Energy Simulations accurately and efficiently.

Crucial to actually achieving the highest standard of green building performance (energy, water, waste, material efficiency) is the harmonious integration of ESD principles, designs and technologies through all stages of a project. The Green Factory understand this and work hard to ensure the project is executed in the most time and cost effective ways possible.

Experiences gained over years of project work, spread across a range of building projects types, combined with a strong focus on communication and common goals, puts The Green Factory in the strongest position to deliver the best project outcomes.

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